Every Monday Night at Palazzo’s

Mondays are never easy. Getting back to work after a weekend that went by too quickly is just plain hard. One good thing about Monday is that it is Chuck’s Wine Night at Palazzo’s. If you’ve never been to this little gem of a restaurant I suggest you go immediately. There are three locations – one in Briargrove on Briar Ridge Drive, one in Westchase on Briar Forest and another in River Oaks on Westheimer. The waiters are fantastic and the classic Italian food is even better. Our favorite waiter is Michael in Briargrove. Their wine list is short and simple but still adequate. Think along the lines of Sterling Cabernet. On Mondays, any bottle of wine under $30 is $15 and any bottle over $30 gets $15 off. They also allow you to bring your own wine which is always nice if you have something in mind that isn’t on their menu. There is a small corking fee but it’s only a few dollars. You can also take unfinished bottles home with you which is great if you have a glass left in the bottle and don’t want to leave it there. We don’t want to waste it!