“How fair is a garden amid the toils and passions of existence.”

Tiny Boxwoods is a true gem hidden in the heart of Houston. You can’t see it from the road as there is no signage. You have to know where you’re going or you’ll miss it. This is one of the reasons this lovely spot is in fact so lovely! It honestly feels like a true escape from the city. Tiny Boxwoods started as an espresso bar in a nursery and garden center and (maybe last year?) began opening for dinner and has blossomed into a beautiful dining spot. Every time I visit I leave happy and satisfied. When you arrive and enter through the garden gate the beautiful green lawn and the walls of flowers surrounding the patio welcome you into another world where faeries might exist.

Luckily there is abundant seating on the patio so if the weather is nice this is the ultimate place to dine or sip al fresco. The young chef, Baron Doke, consistently comes up with creative menu options with a rustic French flair. The food never disappoints and the wine hasn’t either. He’s super friendly and charming and gets out and speaks to the patrons and will discuss the food with you. You can tell he’s genuinely excited about what he does and that love comes through in his food. I’m told he chooses the wines on the wine list as well but if that is incorrect someone please tell me. Whether it is him or someone else, they always have a great short list of wines to choose from.  While some restaurants offer wine lists long enough to rival the dictionary, Tiny Boxwoods goes the complete opposite direction. Clean, concise and creative are three words I would use to describe the wine list at Tiny Boxwoods. I love trying new wines and they always have something new to taste.

The last time I was there, our fabulous server was chatting with my husband and I about wine and he mentioned dessert wines (not on their menu at the time). He said they were thinking of branching out and adding the to the wine list soon but were still playing around with the selections. When I expressed interest, he set up a dessert wine flight for me that was out of this world delightful. I was like a kid in a candy store and way too excited to play it cool! The sad part is that I took detailed notes on my BlackBerry so I could post on here about my delightful experience and then I lost my notes when my phone ran out of memory… I was sick. So while I can not tell you about the specific wines I tasted that night, I can tell you that I had such a terrific time and tasted some delicious wines and fantastic food and would recommend the experience to anyone. We dined inside the cafe that night and the ambiance just added to my pleasure filled evening. Vintage French music played, the wine flowed and the food thoroughly impressed.

If you feel like escaping the hustle and bustle of the city for a night I highly suggest you pay Tiny Boxwoods a visit for a little taste of garden magic!