Sparkling Spanish Cava at a Spectacular Price

1+1=3 Cava Brut1+1=3 is how U Mes U Fan Tresa Spanish winery, labels all of their bottles. Their non-vintage cava brut is definitely worthy of some space in your refrigerator. It’s crisp and clear and tastes clean and only slightly sweet. It is spectacular alone but since it doesn’t have an overwhelming fruitiness it is the perfect partner for OJ on Sunday Funday (mimosas=yummy happiness). Non-vintage only means that the grapes used to make this wine weren’t all grown and harvested in the same year. This is common for sparkling wines. Sometimes you will see them marked as NV. Cava can sometimes be a bit harder to find due to the overwhelming popularity of it’s bubbly French cousin, champagne. The difference between the two is primarily geographical as they are both made using the same method. Italian Prosecco is made a little differently creating a fruitier final product. If you are in Houston, one place that I know carries this wine (they actually recommended it to me once) is a wine bar/store called Cova. It is located near Rice Village on Kirby. There is another location on Washington but I am not sure that they carry it. You should be able to pick up a bottle for less than $15. Enjoy the bubbles!