Educated Guess Pinot Noir!

I have it on good authority (from Mark Albrecht, owner of Roots Run Deep winery) that there is an Educated Guess Pinot Noir on the way to Houston! So far we have only been able to savor the elusive Cabernet but that is soon to change! Mr. Albrecht emailed me yesterday and said, “Mandee, I just wanted to update you and let you know that our distributor in Texas has just ordered some of our Pinot Noir, so in the next month or two you will begin seeing it in your local retailers and restaurants.  You certainly can help move it along by requesting it at Specs or Central Markets, etc…” So there you have it from the man himself. I plan on asking for it the next time I go to Spec’s and hopefully they will order some. I’m dying to try it! If you find any please let me know where. Until then I’ll be on the lookout!

I Guess I’m Not The Only One…

I was stocking up for the weekend today at Spec’s on Old Farm (in Houston) and I happened to ask if they had Educated Guess Cabernet. The guy I asked said he had no idea what I was talking about but he would definitely check it out for me. I followed him over to the computer and he was speaking with another employee. The other guy asked me, “Are you the one looking for the Educated Guess?” I said yes and he said, “You’re the third person in two days. We will definitely be ordering some. It should be here next week.” So… if you’re on the look-out for Educated Guess Cabernet Sauvignon in Houston, you will soon be able to find it at Spec’s. Yummy yum yum! I can’t wait! Of course I managed to get by just fine on their thousands of other selections. Thank goodness I was on some sort of time table. If I’m not, I can just get lost in there for hours reading labels. I’m such a nerd… but I wouldn’t have it any other way! Drink up!

Wine As Interesting As Its Label

I don’t have too much to say about Educated Guess other than it was one of the most interesting Cabernets I have ever had the pleasure to drink. It was incredibly smooth with flavors of juicy blackberries, boysenberries and creamy vanilla. I think it may have been the creaminess that made it so unique. That’s not a texture I’m used to in a Cabernet. I wanted to hold each sip in my mouth, close my eyes and savor it. It was jammy without being overly sweet. It was a true delight.

I will say this, however. I ordered this wine at a tapas and wine and tapas bar called Oporto which specializes in Portuguese wines and foods. They offer other Educated Guess Cabernetoptions, of course, or I would never have ended up with this lovely Californian variety from Roots Run Deep winery. I just didn’t love the wine as much with any of the foods that we ordered. The wine was ordered before the food (obviously first priority). We ate curried lamb meatballs, lump crab meat crepes with bechamel sauce, a marinated portobello mushroom stuffed with spinach and cheese and finally baked brie with fig preserves, strawberries and sliced pears. Does that sound like a delicious meal or what? Oh it was. The Educated Guess didn’t taste unpleasant with the food… it just didn’t add anything to the meal and the meal didn’t accent the wine, either. This is definitely a wine I would buy again, but perhaps just to enjoy on its own. I have not found this wine in a store yet but am keeping my eyes open for it. After doing a little research I learned that all the chaos on the label is actually meaningful. Those are five different formulas that are used in winemaking. Who knew?

If you are in Houston and happen to make it over to Oporto on Richmond (which I would highly recommend) you should try the Estampa Cabernet/Syrah blend from Chile. This was my companion’s order and upon first sip I was certain I had once again out-ordered him. It was almost too dry but once it had a second to open up and breathe in the glass it was absolutely gorgeous and it was even better with everything we ordered. I am always impressed with a wine that can pair beautifully with so many different types of foods. That is no easy task. It was definitely much drier than the Educated Guess and had flavors of cherries and black pepper but still had a very slight hint of vanilla on the finish… very seductive. My second glass of the night was a 2004 Barahonda that was also smooth and dry but, like the Educated Guess, did not pair as well with the foods as the Estampa.