Max’s Brunch Started Me Off On The Right Foot!

Max's Wine DiveOne of my most favorite things in the whole wide world is BRUNCH so what better way to kick off 2009 than with a tasty mid-morning meal (and mimosas…obviously) from Max’s Wine Dive? They even offered the standard black-eyed peas and sauteed petit greens as a starter for good luck and money in the new year. I want to make sure I get all the help I can get as I am determined to have a fabulous year! Black-eyed peas and greens don’t typically get me too excited but these were extra yummy.  The mimosas were just right (only a hint of OJ for color) and my omelet was fantastic! For a mere $3 per mimi you get a lot for a little which is just how I like it. I had the truffle and cheese omelet which is sadly no longer on the menu but they made it for me anyway. Fluffy eggs filled with creamy goat cheese, Gruyere, provolone and black truffle cream. I add prosciutto to mine to take it up to an even higher level of deliciousness. I wasn’t so crazy about the potatoes or grits on the side but the main event was so heavenly I hardly cared. The Texas toast had to be an inch and a half thick and it tasted homemade. Next time you’re looking for some Sunday mid-morning magic head over to Max’s Wine Dive. You’re sure to leave with a smile! (Next time I’m trying the fried egg sandwich… it looked amazing!!)

Win or Lose… Everyone Will Need A Drink On Election Night

The Presidential election is less than one week away! What a journey this one has been, right? I know that no matter the outcome I’ll hopefully have a glass of wine in hand to celebrate (or not). Well, if you’re in Houston, all of The Tasting Room locations as well as MAX’s Wine Dive are offering up some pretty sweet deals to help you make it through the night. They are inviting YOU to come hang out and watch the election returns with them in style. If you purchase a bottle of bubbly, you get half off of a pizza or cheese plate (try the portobello/truffle pizza… my mouth is watering just typing those words). Also for election day ONLY you can get 15% off all six-packs (you can mix and match) of wine to take home! That’s a pretty great deal! Enjoy!

Slowly But Surely…

UPDATE 9/18 – I just found this post on Chowhound that has a HUGE list of restaurants open around Houston! Check it out!


I know this is just the tip of the iceberg but considering how shut off we have all been from the outside world for the past few days any information is helpful! As much of the city is still without power only a handful of businesses have re-opened their doors. Be aware that many menus are limited and some stores haven’t been able to fully restock yet. For the time being, here are a few to get you going. I will update the list as I find out more!

Rice Epicurean – Several locations (Fountainview, Post Oak for sure)
HEB @ Westheimer and Fountainview
Whole Foods @ Kirby and Westheimer
Randall’s in Town & Country
Spec’s on Washington – no power and cash only but they have wine!

Max’s Wine Dive on Washington – Open 4-11pm
All Three Tasting Room Locations (see previous post) – Serving Until 10pm
The Glass Wall on Studewood
Barnaby’s on Shepherd
Fleming’s on Westheimer
Fuddrucker’s @ Beltway and I-10
Pappasito’s / Pappadeaux @ Beltway and I-10
Taste of Texas @ Beltway and I-10 (Free COFFEE from 7-10am)