Slowly But Surely…

UPDATE 9/18 – I just found this post on Chowhound that has a HUGE list of restaurants open around Houston! Check it out!


I know this is just the tip of the iceberg but considering how shut off we have all been from the outside world for the past few days any information is helpful! As much of the city is still without power only a handful of businesses have re-opened their doors. Be aware that many menus are limited and some stores haven’t been able to fully restock yet. For the time being, here are a few to get you going. I will update the list as I find out more!

Rice Epicurean – Several locations (Fountainview, Post Oak for sure)
HEB @ Westheimer and Fountainview
Whole Foods @ Kirby and Westheimer
Randall’s in Town & Country
Spec’s on Washington – no power and cash only but they have wine!

Max’s Wine Dive on Washington – Open 4-11pm
All Three Tasting Room Locations (see previous post) – Serving Until 10pm
The Glass Wall on Studewood
Barnaby’s on Shepherd
Fleming’s on Westheimer
Fuddrucker’s @ Beltway and I-10
Pappasito’s / Pappadeaux @ Beltway and I-10
Taste of Texas @ Beltway and I-10 (Free COFFEE from 7-10am)

Smooth & Sultry From Sonoma

What a sexy little bottle this was. It was complex and alluring and definitely got my attention. This was a wine that actually made me sit down and evaluate what was going on with it. This Sonoma County Cabernet has something to say. “Drink me.” Sebastiani used grapes from three different sub-appelations to create this California beauty: Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma Valley and Alexander Valley. While it is 84% Cabernet Sauvignon, it also features small amounts of Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, Petite Sirah and Petit Verdot. This blend adds to the astounding complexity that this wine offers.Sebastiani Cabernet Sauvignon 2005

What first struck me was the depth of the garnet color as I poured it into my glass. I’d forgotten how dark a Cab can be. Before I even lifted the glass I was getting whiffs of rich black cherry and cedar (cigar box as the winery notes called it). I could tell that this was a wine I would need to let breathe for a bit. It was worth the wait. Firm in tannins and structure, it was a teensy bit tart on the tongue giving off flavors of black cherry and even a little bit of hazlenut from the oak but had a smooth and creamy finish. It also had flavors of smoke and black tea. So many wines I’m just indifferent about… this was not one of them. This was a wine that really made me think. My boyfriend and I enjoyed it so much and would definitely buy it again. I bought this one at Spec’s in Houston (Old Farm location) for around $16. This would be a perfect wine for a night when you felt like grilling steaks. It could definitely hold its own against hearty food but I think it would be just as enjoyable with a salad dressed with balsamic vinegar. Great… now I want a steak.

I Guess I’m Not The Only One…

I was stocking up for the weekend today at Spec’s on Old Farm (in Houston) and I happened to ask if they had Educated Guess Cabernet. The guy I asked said he had no idea what I was talking about but he would definitely check it out for me. I followed him over to the computer and he was speaking with another employee. The other guy asked me, “Are you the one looking for the Educated Guess?” I said yes and he said, “You’re the third person in two days. We will definitely be ordering some. It should be here next week.” So… if you’re on the look-out for Educated Guess Cabernet Sauvignon in Houston, you will soon be able to find it at Spec’s. Yummy yum yum! I can’t wait! Of course I managed to get by just fine on their thousands of other selections. Thank goodness I was on some sort of time table. If I’m not, I can just get lost in there for hours reading labels. I’m such a nerd… but I wouldn’t have it any other way! Drink up!